Brahmi Juice Antioxidant Memory Enhancer  500 ml

Brahmi Juice Antioxidant Memory Enhancer 500 ml

Brahmi Juice Antioxidant Memory Enhancer 500 ml

Brand :Ayukriti Herbals
Product Code :BRAHMI
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  • Cognitive boost and treats cognitive diseases.
  • Respiratory benefits.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Treats epilepsy.
  • Improves skin immunity.
  • Reduces blood sugar.
  • Ideal for patients of gout and arthritis.
  • Treats insomnia and deals with mental disorders.

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Impressive Benefits of Brahmi AXIOM BRAHMI JUICE AXIOM BRAHMI JUICE 500 ML FOR BRAIN PROBLEM AMAZON BRAHMI JUICE brahmi juice Brahmi Health Benefits Heera Ayurveda BRAHMI JUICE 500 ml Sugar Free Premium Extract Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place Package Contents: 1 bottle of 500 ml Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place Ingredients: BRAHMI JUICE and permitted class ll preservatives {E-211, E-202} Shelf Life: 18 Months Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi Brahmi JuiceBrahmi JuiceBrahmi JuiceBrahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Brahmi JuiceBrahmi JuiceBrahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Brahmi Juice Boost immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity Memory Enhancer Memory Enhancer Memory Enhancer Memory Enhancer Memory Enhancer