GELID Hot & Cold Multipurpose PVC Gel Pouch

GELID Hot & Cold Multipurpose PVC Gel Pouch

GELID Hot & Cold Multipurpose PVC Gel Pouch

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GELID Hot & Cold Multipurpose PVC Gel Pouch



Submerse GELID® hot pack in a boiled water pan for 30 mins., 

after that rinse off with dry cloth and then apply to body part 

wherever required.


Keep GELID® cold pack in a deep freezer horizontally for 30 mins.

post which the same can be applied to body part wherever required.


Warm(Heat) – Therapy works by improving blood circulation

 & flow a particular are

 due to increased temperature, thus relaxes,

 soothes muscles and heals damaged tissues.

Cold (Cryo therapy) – Reduces blood flow significantly thus reducing

 inflammation and swelling which causes around joints and tendon.

Bullet points:

• Convenient, effective pain relief –for use anytime, anywhere

• Rapid hot & Cold pack with just boiling of the pack in hot water pan for 30 mins.

• Cold therapy as well, can used as a cryo pack for instant injury healing

• Can be reused N number of time with both the usages of Hot and Cold.

• Consistent heat therapy up to 30 minutes as used in hospitals

• Safe, therapeutic temperature that can be applied directly to skin

• Activates rapidly.

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