Acco Mini Muscle Stimulator(Portable MS)

Acco Mini Muscle Stimulator(Portable MS)

Acco Mini Muscle Stimulator(Portable MS)

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acco Mini Muscle Stimulator can be used by the physiotherapist or the patients (by doctor recommendation) for the pain relief and to stimulate the muscles.


Standard Accessories: 2pc wire of muscle stimulator , 2pcs electrode/pads, 1pen electrode, 1set straps.


Optional Accessories: Gel Bottle


·        Shoulder Stiffness
Low back/Neck pain         Phantom limb pain            Sports injuries
Chronic pain            Osteo arthritis         Peripheral nerve injury     Myofacial Syndrome            Management of labour pain       Relief from primary dysmonohorrea    Post herpetic neural            Atheratis       Paralysis


Technical Specifications


Interupted Galvanic Output                   : 0 to 90 V.

Pulse width 1 and 100 ms

Surge Faradic Output Frequency          : 0 to 90 V.

Continously adjustable 

Dimensions                                                : 90*150*65mm (W*D*H)


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