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Sleep well Band

Sleep well Band

Sleep well Band

Brand :Solomon
Product Code :SB/1510
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  • Rs.2,999


Sleep well band is  natural way to improve sleeping quality.

Sleep Well Band

Sleep Well Band is a new, patent device designed to improve sleeping. On the wrist, there are 3 specific acu-puncture points that enclose a "Golden Triangle". When Sleep Well Band is worn on it, small electrical pulse are emitted, stimulating these acupuncture points. In turn, Melatonin will be released due to the improvement of blood circulation. Thus, stress is relieved and making you sleep better.


• A natural way to improve sleeping quality.

• Special electrical pulses stimulating sleep-related acupuncture points.

• Micro-motor massager comforting the body.

• Natural biological clock can be trained and maintain if worn regularly.

• Fashionable watch-shaped design with different choices of color.

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