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Wooden Vegetable Tray (Size: 9"x 12")

Wooden Vegetable Tray (Size: 9"x 12")

Wooden Vegetable Tray (Size: 9"x 12")

Brand :acco
Product Code :SP03
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  • Rs.750


Wooden Vegetable Tray (Size: 9"x 12") Increase an appetite for Vegetables in your children by educating them on the different types of Vegetables that mother nature has to offer. Ideal for little boys and girls who are in the age group of two to four years old, the Skillofun King Size Identification Tray Vegetables is an innovative game that features a standard, lightweight and sturdy wooden tray. This tray encompasses ten different Vegetables. These colourful and attractive Vegetables are designed in a manner where they are equipped with a matching socket knob.This puzzle toy is made from a Medium Density Firewood (MDF) and is eco friendly and non toxic product. Kids feel delighted when they have this product as a gift on their birthday or on any other occasion. This toy teaches kids about fractions and numbers. This puzzle sharpens memory of kids and improves their hand to eye coordination. This puzzle also helps in the cognitive development of kids and enhances visual awareness among kids. This educational toy improves grip of kids and also teaches them about observation and concentration.

How does It Work
The kids need to identify each fruit and put it back in its right position on the tray

Key Features
There are Eight Vegetables in this tray
All Vegetables come out of their cavities easily by lifting them from their knobs
Match the Vegetables to the cavity and put them back in the right place
This puzzle is self-corrective.
Safe for kids
100% non-toxic

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