Laser therapy has always been a demanding therapeutic technique when it comes to treatment facilities available in medical arena especially when the physiotherapy is used. There is a wonderful history available for the success of the treatment of patients suffering from chronic diseases. Normally, the treatment of the patients is done using the conventional laser Read More

This method can be utilized for alleviation of agony related with a wide assortment of difficult conditions. Back agony caused by spine degeneration, plate issues, or flopped back medical procedure is generally mitigated by the utilization of TENS. Nerve torment (neuropathy) from conditions, for example, ceaseless provincial agony disorder (CRPS) or diabetes may likewise be Read More

Diathermy is a form of physical therapy in which deep heating of tissues is accomplished by the use of high-frequency electrical current It is invented by an American engineer  Nikola Tesla in 1891who first noted that heat resulted from irradiation of tissue with high-frequency alternating current . Diathermy is a therapeutic treatment most commonly prescribed for muscle and joint conditions. It uses Read More

Combination therapy is commonly a combination of Ultrasound along with electrical stimulation therapy. As the name suggests it is a combination of two or more treatment modalities, where each one offers their own benefits, which are not lost. Instead, users get benefited from obtaining the same results, even if the treatments of low-level intensities are Read More

Ultra Sound Unit

Acute pain in the body can force you to look for help from various sources to get relief from pain. When you visit a medical facility, there are a range of machines which use different technologies to give you the best care possible and relieve pain from any part of the body. Every equipment present Read More

Ultrasound is quite popular among people these days; it uses sound waves to reduce swelling of soft- tissue damages and even helps in reducing the pain in the tissues. This modality is exercised by a lot of practitioners including chiropractors and physical therapists to treat issues such as specific injury sites and other small injuries. Read More

Laser Therapy Unit

Most of us are under the impression that a laser therapy is something in which a beam of burning light is used on your skin to repair any damaged cell network. Reality is, however, a little different from our imagination. Laser therapy does not use hot laser on a human body and instead uses a Read More

Laser Therapy Unit

Cold laser therapy is used for enhancing the healing process in the body. It is also called low level laser therapy (LLLT) and is used for treating chronic and acute conditions including spasms, pains, and swellings due to disease or trauma. These handheld devices are like a flashlight and you can hold it over the Read More

Interferential Therapy Unit

I.F.T or Interferential Therapy uses medium frequency electric currents of 2 or 4- pole configurations to generate the impact of a low frequency simulation. Before the launch of Interferential Therapy in the middle of 1950’s, there was widespread use of low frequency stimulation for muscle functioning and pain relief. But low frequency currents face the Read More

Mini Muscle Stimulator

When you suffer from illness or injury which causes loss of function of mobility or pain in your body, your doctor will refer you to a Physical therapist. The latter will help you in improving your capacity to function and she/ he may utilize different therapeutic modalities to enhance your rehabilitation program. Electrical stimulation is Read More

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