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Short Wave Diathermy

Diathermy is a type of therapeutic modality used for conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In this procedure, heat is generated with the help of electrical waves. The electric current can be delivered using ultrasound, microwave, or shortwave for relieving pain. Shortwave diathermy is used in the medical field for relaxing muscles and treating damaged tissues.

The electric pulse administered in a shortwave diathermy is known to create heat inside the specific tissue that needs treatment. It can penetrate 2 inches inside the skin’s surface. The machine may not apply the heat directly but can help the body in generating heat inside the targeted area.

When the heat in that area increases, the flow of blood also improves to make improvements in flexibility often in connective tissue and stiff joints among patients suffering from arthritis.

The main advantage of using this treatment procedure is decreased in inflammation and pain in order to allow patients the ability to be mobile. This helps them move around with ease and participate in any rehabilitation process with more comfort.

Diathermy is not used in case of rehabilitation. Diathermy is administered in surgical procedures where an electrode is placed to a blood vessel. Diathermy produces heat in the vessel that allows blood to coagulate in order to allow the vessel to seal. Contact diathermy machines manufacturers around you if you have plans for purchasing one.

Diathermy could be applied for removing abnormal growths, like tumors, especially in cases where traditional techniques do not work effectively. For example, diathermy could be used for addressing issues with respect to the tonsils, eyes, bowels, ovaries, brain, cervix, bladder, and prostate.

Mechanism behind Shortwave Diathermy

Shortwave diathermy is quite a distinguished type of diathermy where high-frequency waves are sent to the body of the patient in targeted tissues. Condenser plates present on one side of the targeted tissue are used for sending the energy waves. Typical machines produced by diathermy machine manufacturers India apply waves having a 27.33 MHz frequency and 11 meters wavelengths.

The waves can be applied in two different modes, namely pulsed and continuous. In case of pulsed mode, less heat is needed in the affected region. On the other hand, the continuous mode is applied for heating the tissue constantly for conveying energy into them.

There are non-thermal benefits of using this method:

  • Increasing wound healing
  • Enabling the normal function of the damaged cells
  • Accelerating cell growth

Shortwave diathermy is not allowed in patients having metal implants with circular wire components forming circles or loops as it could cause excessive heating.

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