What do You Mean by Short-Wave Diathermy?

30 Apr by admin_blog

What do You Mean by Short-Wave Diathermy?

Ultrasound is quite popular among people these days; it uses sound waves to reduce swelling of soft- tissue damages and even helps in reducing the pain in the tissues. This modality is exercised by a lot of practitioners including chiropractors and physical therapists to treat issues such as specific injury sites and other small injuries. Short wave diathermy is generally exercised as an alternative option to ultrasound when a broader area of heat application is necessary.

Diathermy is a therapeutic procedure that is commonly used in case of joint problems including rheumatoid, osteoarthritis and arthritis. The name Diathermy refers to the generation of heat waves using electrical pulses. The process of diathermy is a bit complicated as it involves a high frequency current which is given in the form of a short-wave, ultrasound or a microwave so it can generate extreme heat, hot enough to heat the deep tissue damages and repair them. The heat generated can also be utilized to relieve pain or improving circulation in the body. In addition to all this, diathermy can also be used in medicine for treating tissue damages and easing muscle pains. The machines that deliver diathermy are a bit expensive, so you might want to look at the diathermy machine price in India to have a current idea on the price of the unit in case you wish to purchase one.

The pulse created by short-wave diathermy heats the targeted tissue to reach as much as 2 inches inside the skin’s surface. The machine does not directly supply heat to the body and instead with its advanced heating technologies to generate enough heat the targeted tissue itself.

There are a lot of benefits of using a diathermy machine such as increasing the blood pressure and fixing damaged tissue problems and it is also a good option for people with arthritis problem. The main advantage of reduced pain is that it allows people to gradually increase their motion which helps them to participate effectively in rehabilitation with greater flexibility and comfort. Diathermy can also be used a surgical procedure in places where electrode is applied to a blood vessel.

Diathermy has a lot of benefits and it acts as an alternative to ultrasound. It can help us in a range of procedures including tumours, eliminating abnormal growth specifically where the conventional techniques don’t work. It can also address issues relating to cervix, brain, prostrate, bladder, bowels, tonsils and eyes.

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