How does laser therapy help in treating pain?

20 Jun by admin_blog

How does laser therapy help in treating pain?

Cold laser therapy is said to be one of the best ways to treat pain. The reason behind it is, it does not cut the skin and hence it is different from other kinds of surgeries available for treating pain. Laser therapy is said to be good for acute pain caused due to the fresh injuries or also can treat the chronic pain which you are facing for years. If this pain is not allowing you to live a normal life, then you should immediately make an appointment with the physiotherapist. You will be able to enjoy many benefits of this laser therapy. You physiotherapist will use a laser therapy unit for physiotherapy on the affected area. This treatment has to be done for a few days or months depending on the pain.

Here are the benefits of laser therapy…

No Side effects:

Your physiotherapist is going to use Portable Laser Therapy Unit for the treatment. The laser light will penetrate deep into the skin and tissues. That will help in reduction of inflammation and as a result the blood circulation in that area increases. After a few sitting at the physiotherapy clinic, you will be able to see the difference in chronic pain. Any acute pain will be gone in just a few sittings, but if it is chronic pain, then it will need more sitting. There will not be any kind of side effects due to the laser beam.


Most of the people who are already suffering from pain do not want to go for any kind of invasive treatment for treating the pain. That would be their last option as the invasive treatments would give more pain. But when it comes to laser therapy, a laser therapy unit for physiotherapy is used. It is usually placed on the affected area and moved slowly. This movement is going to cause a soothing effect on the area and will give you relief from pain. There is no invasive technique involved in the laser therapy.

No medication required:

You need not have to take any kind of medicine when you are undergoing the laser therapy for pain. Unless and until, there is severe pain or if you are undergoing this therapy after any surgery, you need not have to take any kind of medicine. Painkillers are generally addictive and that is one of the reasons why people want to avoid this kind of medication for controlling or treating pain. Painkillers do not give permanent relief from pain. They will just block the pain signals from reaching the brain. But with the use of Portable Laser Therapy Unit, you will be able to get a good relief from pain when followed regularly.

Talk to the physiotherapist about the pain and the other health conditions before you opt for laser treatment. It is good to discuss complete health with the doctor before you get started with the laser therapy treatment.

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