Know the uses of Diathermy Machine in pain relief treatment

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Know the uses of Diathermy Machine in pain relief treatment

Diathermy is a therapeutic treatment most generally recommended for muscle and joint conditions. It uses a high-frequency electric current to activate heat generation within body tissues.

Diathermy is a quite common practice that is commonly used by occupational therapists, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and many other pain management specialists. Do you need a professional Diathermy unit for your office or hospital? Diathermy is a therapeutic modality that is most generally used for joint conditions such as joint disease and osteoarthritis. The term diathermy refers to the creation of heat using electrical pulses. In diathermy, high-frequency electric current is delivered via shortwave, microwave, or ultrasound which is able to produce strong heat in body tissues. The heat can be used to improve circulation and/or to relieve pain. In addition, shortwave diathermy can be used in medicine for treating cells and relaxing muscles.

The power pulse of Short-Wave Diathermy creates heat deep inside a targeted tissue, reaching places as strong as 2 ” wide from the skin’s surface. While the diathermy unit doesn’t implement heat straight to the body, the current created by the unit allows the body to produce heat within the focused place itself.

It is when the heat of the place increases, that blood circulation is improved along with improvements to flexibility in stiff joints and ligament making it a good choice to use for patients with joint disease. SO know the Best Diathermy Machine Price before buying one.

As with most high-quality medical units, purchasing a diathermy unit comes with significant cost. Your practice wants the best units with the added features it needs to perform procedures efficiently; however, coming up with the upfront capital to obtain the units can be a very trial. The offered unit is precisely manufactured with the aid of cutting-edge techniques by utilizing high-quality components under the guidance of the adroit technical experts in conformity with the set industry norms. Suitable for performing various therapy and ultrasound, this unit is commonly used in hospitals and clinics. These reliable products are harmonized with unmatched qualities offering long service life in the place of developing physiotherapy technical equipment.

A benefit of diathermy is that it is a pain-free procedure that can be applied at a clinic. Also, if the treatment decreases pain, then patients can stop painkillers and escape their high cost and adverse reactions. Diathermy includes heating deep muscular tissues. When heat is applied to the painful area, cellular metabolism speeds up and blood flow improves. The increased metabolism and flow accelerate tissue repair. The heat helps the cells relax and stretch, thus treating rigidity. Heat also reduces nerve fiber sensitivity, increasing the patient’s pain limit. You will get cheap diathermy machine price in India.

Diathermy is the form of physical rehabilitation in which deep heating of cells is accomplished by the use of high-frequency electrical current. Based on the amount of heat generated, diathermy can be used to merely heat or to get rid of cells. In the first instance, it is particularly beneficial in reducing muscle pain and damage. In the second, as an adjunct to surgery treatment, diathermy is used to coagulate, prevent excessive blood loss, and closure of injured cells. It is particularly effective in eye surgery treatment and neurosurgery.

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