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7 Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally At Home

High Blood Pressure When heart pumps blood to supply oxygen and essential nutrients, it exerts pressure on the blood vessels which is called Blood Pressure. A repeatedly elevated blood pressure exceeding 140 over 90 mmHg causes High Blood Pressure. High BP is not good for health and can cause blood vessel damage or can affect […]
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Important facts you need to learn about electro physiotherapy equipment

Physiotherapy is that healthcare profession which involves diagnosis, assessment and treatment for the prevention of disability or diseases via physical means. Physiotherapist is that healthcare professional or healthcare expert who restores body movement by partnering with the patient. In short, it involves a series of treatments and preventative measures being adopted by the therapist as […]
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Pick The Best Manufacturer To Get Quality Combination Therapy Unit Equipment

These days the physical therapy has become more popular among the people. This therapy used aid to reduce the pain in the human body. The skilled and experienced therapists will make use of various types of equipment to cure the disorders, disabilities, etc problems.  When treating the patients in physical therapy the time is so […]
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Know the uses of Diathermy Machine in pain relief treatment

Diathermy is a therapeutic treatment most generally recommended for muscle and joint conditions. It uses a high-frequency electric current to activate heat generation within body tissues. Diathermy is a quite common practice that is commonly used by occupational therapists, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and many other pain management specialists. Do you need a professional Diathermy […]
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The Best Portable Laser Therapy Units

Laser therapy has always been a demanding therapeutic technique when it comes to treatment facilities available in medical arena especially when the physiotherapy is used. There is a wonderful history available for the success of the treatment of patients suffering from chronic diseases. Normally, the treatment of the patients is done using the conventional laser […]
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Benefits of Using Physical Therapy Tens Unit

This method can be utilized for alleviation of agony related with a wide assortment of difficult conditions. Back agony caused by spine degeneration, plate issues, or flopped back medical procedure is generally mitigated by the utilization of TENS. Nerve torment (neuropathy) from conditions, for example, ceaseless provincial agony disorder (CRPS) or diabetes may likewise be […]
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Diathermy and its Application

Diathermy is a form of physical therapy in which deep heating of tissues is accomplished by the use of high-frequency electrical current It is invented by an American engineer  Nikola Tesla in 1891who first noted that heat resulted from irradiation of tissue with high-frequency alternating current . Diathermy is a therapeutic treatment most commonly prescribed for muscle and joint conditions. It uses […]