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Important facts you need to learn about electro physiotherapy equipment

Physiotherapy is that healthcare profession which involves diagnosis, assessment and treatment for the prevention of disability or diseases via physical means. Physiotherapist is that healthcare professional or healthcare expert who restores body movement by partnering with the patient. In short, it involves a series of treatments and preventative measures being adopted by the therapist as per the problem experienced. A physical therapist, in order to carry out the treatment or therapy, uses electrical equipment or electro physiotherapy equipment to ease therapeutic procedure and to bring about early recovery. The physiotherapy equipment is such electrical equipment which not only reduces pain but also heals joints and muscles. It is also meant to make the patient comfortable at physiotherapist’s clinic.

Who is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is that healthcare professional who is highly qualified in carrying out therapies to relieve pain and discomfort. They work in close association with patients to bring about early relief. They may also work along with health clinicians or GPs to manage the treatment process. With the use of advanced techniques and his proficiency in the realm of physiotherapy, the therapist diagnoses, cares, treats and prevents a variety of movement issues and health conditions. If you have joint problem, you can easily approach a physiotherapist for quick recovery.

Electro physiotherapy equipment has great importance

A physiotherapist uses a variety of equipments like physiotherapy chairs, tables, beds and couches. He cannot avoid electro physiotherapy equipment. Physiotherapy chairs need to be cushioned to provide the needed support to the patient. A flat bench with needed cushion can adjust to the needs of a patient. The adjustable section allows the patient to lie on the back or on the stomach. TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation equipment is used to reduce chronic and acute pain experienced by the patient. It offers short-term relief from joint pain, muscle ache and also there is no need for the patient to administer medication. There is no need to resort to injections or narcotics either. The machine simply generates electrical impulses that are sent directly to the nerves. Such electrical impulses perform very vital function of blocking the pain signals, preventing them from making it to the brains. Thus, the patient experiences no pain or discomfort with the use of TENS machine.

How does the electro physiotherapy equipment work?

The working mechanism of the equipment is simple. It generates electrical impulses to prevent pain signals from the reaching out to the human brain. It conducts ultrasound and allows physiotherapist to carry out physiotherapy. In the process of ultrasound, a handheld equipment or wand is utilized to connect to the body of the patient with the help of gel. The handheld device transmits unsound waves through skin surface. If physiotherapist needs to deliver medication beneath the surface of the skin, this handheld equipment can be used.

As the demand for physiotherapy treatment increases day by day, the demand for electrotherapy equipment physiotherapy also increases. With the help of advanced treatment and an advanced setup, it gets easier for a physiotherapist to carry out the treatment.


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