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Laser Therapy- a Boon for Medicine and the Society

Most of us are under the impression that a laser therapy is something in which a beam of burning light is used on your skin to repair any damaged cell network. Reality is, however, a little different from our imagination. Laser therapy does not use hot laser on a human body and instead uses a cold laser technology to treat various diseases in humans. Laser treatments have replaced many conventional treatments as a more accurate and effective treatment for certain diseases.

Laser therapy uses a low level laser therapy to effectively heal body tissues. It uses light as a tool to penetrate through the several layers of skin directly into tissue. Even though it only goes in a few millimetres, it is still the most effective way of healing or repairing damaged tissues. There are a lot of cases where laser therapy can be used such as reduce inflammation, increase flow of blood, stimulate tissue regeneration, healing wounds, pain relief and a lot other areas.

Many physiotherapy institutions use laser therapy unit for physiotherapy. Laser technologies have greatly influenced the way treatments are conducted. They are a time saving and cost-effective way of painlessly repairing the damaged or injured tissues effectively.

Lasers have gained quite fame in anti-ageing treatments and cosmetic treatments. Many women are seen taking laser treatments for removing body hair. Even men these days prefer laser treatments for body hair removal as it is a more permanent solution to the problem. People suffering from low blood pressure issues due to certain deficiencies in the body, it helps regulating the blood pressure and provides quick relief in problems like anxiety and others arising out of low blood pressure problems.

Research shows that laser therapy can produce solid anti-inflammatory properties, which are almost equivalent of anti-inflammatory medicines used to control inflammation of various parts of the body.

There is a range of tissue injuries, both chronic and acute tissue injuries that can be treated with laser treatment. Different injuries that can be treated with the help of lasers include osteoarthritis, thoracic pain, jaw soreness, tendinopathy and wound healing.

Laser therapy is a big achievement in the science and technology field, and we should really be proud on our scientists for inventing such a thing which has so vastly benefitted the human race in a significant manner.

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