Physiotherapy Equipment For Shoulder Pain

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Physiotherapy Equipment For Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy Equipment For Shoulder Pain 

Shoulder pain is a common issue that people often suffer from. Physiotherapy treatment is the most effective treatment which is commonly used nowadays to get relief from shoulder pain. Physiotherapy treatment is carried out using different types of physiotherapy equipment.

Physiotherapy equipment for shoulder pain brings effective results, and hence, therapists prefer physiotherapy equipment for shoulder pain relief. There are different types of physiotherapy equipment that are used in hospitals, therapist clinics, and even at homes to conduct physiotherapy treatments individually.

If you have shoulder pain and want physiotherapy treatment with better physiotherapy equipment for shoulder pain, here are three different types of physiotherapy equipment. All these appliances work effectively in relieving shoulder pain. You can choose which one you prefer.

3 Best Physiotherapy Equipment for Shoulder Pain

Acco Abduction Shoulder Ladder- Buy Now

Acco Shoulder Ladder

Acco abduction is a specialized shoulderladder that brings great results in relieving shoulder pain. It is especially used for exercises to relieve frozen shoulder and shoulder pain. The ladder is made of plastic material which comes in three parts. Each part has a different color – yellow, green, and red.  

Joining the parts is very simple that you can easily handle and mount it on your wall. You will get effective results by doing exercise with this shoulder ladder regularly. It is the perfect solution for personalized physiotherapy treatment with this physiotherapy equipment for shoulder pain.

Also, you will get a professional therapist’s touch in the exercise. The acco abduction shoulder ladder can be used at home, in hospitals, and physiotherapist clinics.

Key Features:

  • Plastic model
  • Great performance
  • Three parts in three different colors
  • Easy to install on the wall
  • Best for home use

Acco Axail Shoulder Wheel Buy Now

acco Axial Shoulder Wheel

The Acco Axial Shoulder Wheel is another type of physiotherapy equipment for shoulder pain that comes with a compact design. This equipment would be another good option for physiotherapy treatment.  

Exercising with this exclusive, compact shoulder wheel will be beneficial in getting rid of your shoulder pain. It is commonly used for shoulder and supination pronunciation exercises.  

The exercise method with this equipment is similar to the traditional shoulder wheel and wrist machine. 

To exercise with this wheel, you need to mount the wheel on any convenient wall. The mounting technique is straightforward. You can easily mount this compact shoulder wheel. The Acco shoulder wheel is ideal for small physiotherapist clinics. 

The wall-mounted wheel can be customized in height and radio. 

Also, it has a calibrated sensitive resistance system. Apart from this, the Acco Axial shoulder wheel is offered with a scale on the drum. The scale is used to measure and record the degree of rotation from any side.

You have the flexibility to control the resistance, which requires you to tighten the strap. The shoulder wheel is made with high-quality material, which ensures great performance and the extended lifespan of the product.

  Key Features:

  • Wall mounting system
  • Height and radius can be adjusted.
  • Standard size
  • Chrome-plated adjustment bars

Acco T Shoulder Pulley Set – Buy Now

acco T Shoulder Pulley

The Acco T Shoulder Set is an ideal physiotherapy equipment for shoulder pain that acts as a perfect rehabilitation aid. The pullet set comes with a compact design that effectively helps treat frozen shoulders. This physiotherapy device can be used for cervical traction as well as a foothold pulley.

The T Shoulder Pulley is easy to use and supports various shoulder exercises in physiotherapy treatments. If you want to exercise in the privacy of your own home, investing in this equipment would be the right choice. In addition, the pulley set is ideal for clinics. 

This shoulder pulley would be suitable for any individual. T shoulder pulley effectively relieves shoulder sprain and shoulder joint pain. Plus, it raises the range of motion of the shoulders. With the Accoshoulder pulley, you can exercise without any professional guidance.

Key Features:

  • Portable T frame
  • Easy to unscrew
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • It takes less space to store

How to use a T Shoulder Pulley!

There is a specific method of using the T Shoulder Pulley. You need to follow proper techniques while performing exercises with the pulley set. Hold the handle of the tool tightly in both hands. Then, pull down with your unaffected hand to bring the affected arm forward and up. Stay in this position for at least 5 seconds.

You can increase the time up to 10 seconds. Now, let your affected hand rest back on your side. Then, join the pulley set to the top of the door. It would help if you took care while using the equipment. In order to get the best results for relieving shoulder pain, it is important to use the T Shoulder Pulley in the right manner.


• What is the common physiotherapy equipment?

Mobility equipment, Hot and cold therapy equipment, Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) equipment, Hot and cold therapy equipment, and Ultrasound therapy equipment are some of the common physiotherapy equipment. They provide several benefits in removing different types of pain in the body. Also, some physiotherapy equipment plays a big role in strengthening the muscles.

• Is physiotherapy harmful?

Physiotherapy rarely harms a person. It is a great treatment for pain without consuming any medicine. This procedure is entirely safe and effective. Any person can go for physiotherapy treatment. Different exercises with different physiotherapy equipment are very useful. However, if you face any problems, you can consult a physiotherapist.


When buying physiotherapy equipment for shoulder pain, you need to ensure the quality and functionality of the equipment. Also, the products should always be of standard quality. This is because lower-quality equipment may not be of much use to you. Don’t evaluate any product based on price alone. The quality features determine the efficiency of the product irrespective of the cost.

In addition, many types of equipment come in different sizes, so always buy customized sized equipment that fits you comfortably. If you face any difficulty exercising with equipment, you can consult a physiotherapist and do the exercises as directed by him.

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