Diathermy Machines

acco Longwave Diathermy (Pre Programmed)


acco Longwave Diathermy (Pre Programmed) used in physiotherapy treatment by the physio.Applications:..

acco Microwave Diathermy


Acco Microwave Diathermy ..

Leads & Pads of Shortwave Diathermy with Cover (Thin Pin)


Leads & Pads of Physio Therapy Shortwave Diathermy with Cover (Thin Pin)Set Includes-Wires - 2pc..

Longwave Diathermy (35 Prg, LCD)


Longwave Diathermy is a user friendly product and is easy to operate. The device can also work smoot..

MEDILAP Short Wave Diathermy 500 Watt


MEDILAP Short Wave Diathermy 500 WattMEDILAP MSD 500 is an advance device, unique design, high ..

Shortwave Diathermy (500W) Solid State(Cont.&pulse)


Solid State Shortwave Diathermy 500 watt.( Continuous & Pulsed) is a more advance compact and li..

Shortwave Diathermy Solid State (Cont. & Pulse)


Solid State Shortwave Diathermy 250 watt(Continuous & Pulsed)  is a more advance compact an..

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It is always better to invest in the right machine, tool, or instrument than to regret later on. You can get the best diathermy machine right here at Medical Bazzar from the best diathermy machine manufacturersIndia. These manufacturers understand the requirements of the patients as well as therapists and offer both long wave and short wave diathermy equipment at competitive prices. Both short wave and long wave are used for different purposes.

Diathermy is electrically induced heat or the usage of high-frequency electromagnetic currents as a type of physical or occupational therapy. It is used in surgical procedures. This diathermy is commonly used for muscle relaxation and to persuade deep heating in tissue for therapeutic matters in medicine. It increases blood flow, relieves pain and improves tissues mobility as they heal. When the machines and tools to depend on are right and effective, the outcomes turn out to be effective too.

You can explore the variety of options as per the size, features, and advancements and pick the one that matches your requirements. In these machines, quality matters a lot. When you check out the machines from the reputed diathermy machines manufacturers, you get an idea about the options available and what one can buy. Similarly, if the experts are qualified and sincere, but the machines used are not effective; things can turn out to be topsy-turvy. So, explore right there at Medical Bazzar before you buy one.

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