Fetal Monitor with Tocograph

Fetal Monitor with Tocograph

Fetal Monitor with Tocograph

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  • Fetal Monitor with Tocograph

    ·        Fetal heart rate (FHR), uterus constriction (TOCO) and fetal movement (FM)

    ·        5.7 Inches blue background LCD screen with high resolution and luminence

    ·        Recording all the parameters in graphic tendency curves as well as numeric data

    ·        Alarm on probe off- position, abnormal FHR. Adjustable FHR alarming system

    ·        Built - in thermal printer with3- grand (1,2,3 cm/min) tracing speed

    ·        Buit in network connection capacity

    ·        Twins monitoring function (option)




    ·           Compact and light weight

    ·           Should have functions of -

    ·           Fetal heart rate recording (basal heart rate, short term variation, high and low variation, acceleration and deceleration signal loss, contraction and fetal movement)

    ·           Toco recording (for intra uterine pressure recording)

    ·           Maternally sensed fetal movement recording

    ·           illuminated graphical display should show on screen FHR and Toco traces

    ·           Should have twin monitoring and its analysis facility

    ·           Annotation of patient name, gestation period, reference no. and hospital name

    ·           Automatic recording of fetal movement

    ·           1.5MHZ Ultrasound transducers

    ·           External Toco transducers

    ·           Detachable printer

    ·           Patient event marker

    ·           Minimum five hours memory tracing and fast print facility

    ·           Dual channel twin printout facility

    ·           Display waveform and digital

    ·           Purpose designed trolley/cart

    ·           Built in rechargeable battery backup (minimum two hours)

    ·           Selectable chart speed 1,2,3 cmm/min

    Should have interconnecting cables, Lycra transducer belts, belt buckles, mains cable, Ultrasonic gel bottles, pack of pre printed graph paper (minimum six in no.) and operating manual.

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