GELID Hot and Cold Gel Pack for Knee Therapy(pair)

GELID Hot and Cold Gel Pack for Knee Therapy(pair)

GELID Hot and Cold Gel Pack for Knee Therapy(pair)

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GELID Hot and Cold Gel Pack for Knee Therapy Number Of 2(pair)

Reusable, easy to use non-toxic therapeutic gel pack knee and elbow pack, lead and Flexible & form shape, conforms to your body and delivers soothing relief from pre/post workout sore muscles,arthritis,sprains, swelling etc.BENEFIT OF HOT THERAPY: Heat therapy encourages blood vessels to dilate increasing one's blood circulation. Increase blood circulation brings a supply of oxygen and nutrients to the specific tissues where the source of heat is applied. This in turn encourages the removal of cell waste. Muscle spasms that may be occurring should decrease after applying heat therapy. BENEFIT OF COLD THERAPY: Cold therapy is recommended to aid injuries with a therapeutic effect. In most cases, cold therapy is the first aid applied immediately for sports related injuries. This will keep swelling down, minimize inflammation, and reduce pain and discomfort. Switching from hot to cold therapy can also assist in healing after the initial hot application has been applied. MATERIAL : Made of safe material of medical grade. Gel inside, 0.7mm PVC outside , with black elastic straps. Reusable and non toxic. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: For cold application - Place the pack in Refrigerator for at least 2 hrs or until desired temperature is reached. DO NOT PRECOOL IN DEEP FREEZER Before application, check the temperature is suitable. For hot application: Start with room temperature pack. Wrap pack in moist cloth or paper towel and place pack in center of clean microwave turntable. Microwave pack for 25-30 seconds. Note : Seal the pack in a bag and store in the Refrigerator  to make the life term longer. It would also be more convenient for next cold therapy. Wipe clean with a dry cloth and allow to dry. The pack is not machined washable. Discard if any signs of damage tears or holes. This material is not hazardous waste.Bullet Points: ·1.     Ergonomically designed stronger Belt.2.     · Heating can be in microwave oven or boiling water.3.     · The belt is universal size and hands free.4.     · Dual purpose packs/ uses it cold or hot.

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