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Solomon Slim Sauna Bath

Solomon Slim Sauna Bath

Solomon Slim Sauna Bath

Brand :Solomon
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Extra Fat burner, Lowers the body fat levels, helps the body to discharge body fat, cholesterol and toxins.

The efficiency of “Solomon Energy Sauna & Slim Bath" 

The use of SOLOMON Energy Sauna & Slim Bath for 20 minutes may control the Blood Pressure, due to improved peripheral circulation. Before using the instrument/system the user must check his/her Blood Pressure as in low Blood Pressure it is advised not to use the Sauna & Slim Bath. The user must drink 1 to 2 liters of water before and after completion of the process of 20 minutes which is mandatory. The continuous use of the Solomon Energy Sauna & Slim Bath. 


• Prevents aging. 

• Preserves young looks and become ageless.

• Lowers the body fat levels, helps the body to discharge body fat, cholesterol and toxins.

• Facilitate body micro-circulation which delivers nutrients and water to the skin surface, which does not have capillaries and therefore depends on body fluid circulation (Energy Circulation).

• Improve wrinkles in only 20 minutes, and improves skin appearance and moist contents. 

• Cleanse your body, accumulated by heavy metal and other types of wastes.

While the Blood and Energy circulation of the body is improved, life expectancy may be extended up to ten more years.


1. Do NOT share outlet with other electrical appliance. 

2. Do not twists, pull, bend the electric cord, or put any heavy object on the cord at anytime. 

3. Once the cord is faulty or torn, please contact the company.

4. It is dangerous to make any alterations or modifications to the Solomon Energy Sauna Bath specifications. 

5. Under No Circumstances, Never use Solomon Energy Sauna Bath in places with high humidity or direct water contact (such as bathroom) 

6. Do NOT touch controller with wet hands to avoid electric shock. 

7. Do NOT touch the metal part of FIR Blower and Sauna Chair! In case of defect occur, please turn off the power switch 

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