Infi Respirometer 3 Ball Lung Exercise | Spirometer for Breathing exercise

Infi Respirometer 3 Ball Lung Exercise | Spirometer for Breathing exercise

Infi Respirometer 3 Ball Lung Exercise | Spirometer for Breathing exercise

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A spirometer measures ventilation, the movement of air into and out of the lungs. Spirometry is used to diagnose respiratory disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and other conditions that affect breathing. Also known as respirometer/three ball exerciser/breathing exerciser.

Innovative system to exercise respiration through inspiration. The device is composed of Base and central parts divided into three chambers containing three small spheres. Three spheres rise proportionately to the inspiration exerted by the user. Innovative design can be disassembled into parts for cleaning and disinfection. Non-sterile, individually packed in a box.

Cleaning Instructions:-

Remove the corrugated tube and breathing connector from the transparent chamber.

Now, Turn the chamber upside down and pull the base upward direction to disassemble the transparent chamber.

Remove all the balls placed inside the chamber and clean with disinfecting agent.

After cleaning, inserts the balls into the transparent chamber in the following manner; B for Blue- 600cc/sec. chamber, Y for yellow- 900cc/sec. chamber, R for red- 1200cc/sec. chamber

Fix the corrugated tube and breathing connector to the transparent chamber.


Flow-oriented device to indicate the patient's inspired volume

It helps the patient to recover normal respiration after a chest or abdominal surgery Encourages deep and prolonged Inspiration

Three Chamber design allows the patient to lift the balls without any resistance to achieve the maximum volume in minimum time

Three Chamber design helps the patient in monitoring  their development

The small-size design proves economical in maintenance and storage costs

It incorporates a container to place the mouthpiece after being washed which has a lower overture to drain the spared cleaning water drops and maintains hygiene

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