Lambda Yag Laser Therapy Unit (Continous & Pulsed)

Lambda Yag Laser Therapy Unit (Continous & Pulsed)

Lambda Yag Laser Therapy Unit (Continous & Pulsed)

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lambda is a programmable control unit IR LASER suited for regenerative biostimulating and antalgic treatments. It is possible to connect to lambda optional transducer handpiecies.The transducers can have different dimensions and radiation power. This allows to the operator to use the best handpiece accordingly with the choised treatment.

lambda has a security control system which automatically disables the LASER emission in the case of missed or wrong positioning of the emitting handpiece. 

lambda yag is a laser therapy equipment, which allows to work in depth on different types of pathologies. The wavelength used is 1064nm.

This, combined with the emission power, allows a good diffusion and the right absorption by human tissue, by combining an analgesic effect, anti- inflammatory effect and of the tissue regeneration. lambda yag allows to work in two modalities: continuous and pulsed. The continuous emission mode is suitable for pathologies where the injury is at depth. It is able to trigger cellular bio-stimulation

processes, and the process of tissue regeneration, reducing movement recovery times.

The pulsed emission mode is suitable for pathologies with acute phase, in order to perform anti-inflammatory pathologies with low thermal effects.The pulsed emission mode is also suitable for the fast tissue regeneration and the maintaining of the cellular balance. This allows the controlled vasodilation and the better recovery of the inflammatory process.

what's new

> Wide range of preset protocols

> Customized programs

> Indipendent management of 2 different handpieces provided

> Handpieces with one and six LASER emitters

> Automatic scanning of the delivered frequency

> Visualization of the delivered energy (Joule)

> Warning signall on the handpiece lighted during energy delivering

> Automatic recognition of the connected accessory

Main features

Output frequency                 0,5-10.000 Hz

Handpiece wavelenght 905 nm

Output pulse lenght                 100 nsec

Power supply                 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz

Electrical input power (VA) 20 VA (lambda) / 25 VA (lambda 2

Probe Specification:

Laser Monodiodic: upto 30 Watt

laser exadiodic : Upto 180 watt

laser yag : upto 10 watt

Main features lambda yag

Wavelenght 1064 nm

Laser power up to 10W

Emission Continuous, Pulsed

Light Guide 635 nm (2 mW)

Power supply 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz

Absorption 100 VA

Laser class 4


> Graphic touchscreen display

> Possibility to upgrade by USB port

> Intuitive icons interface

> Controls of the unit made by one knob multipurpose encoder, keys or touchscreen

> Wide range of preset protocols

> Customized programs

Standard Acessories

Power Cable: 1pc

Operator Laser Protection : 1pc

Patient Laser protection : 4pcs

Handpieces Laser CW 10watt 1064nm - 1pc

Single Foot Switch : 1pc

Single Foot Switch Protection: 1pc

Remote Interlock Connector Kit : 1pc

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