Interfrential Therapy Unit (IFT)

acco Digital IFT Unit


acco Digital IFT UnitOutput: Two separate output CH-1 & CH-2Out put Current : 0 to 100ma : 0 to ..

acco IFT Machine Digital with 65 Program


acco IFT Machine for Physiotherapy Digital with 65 ProgramIFT Physiotherapy Machine is a digita..

acco Physiotherapy Mini Interferential Therapy Machine


acco Physiotherapy Mini Interferential Therapy MachinePhysiotherapy Mini Interferential Therapy..

acco Portable IFT Machine for Physiotherapy with MS TENS LCD 70 Programs, Mini IFT Machine


Portable IFT Machine for Physiotherapy with MS TENS LCD 70 Programs Portable IFT Machine for P..

IFT Machine for Physiotherapy with MS TENS LCD 70 Programs


IFT Machine for Physiotherapy with MS TENS LCD 70 Programs IFT Machine for Physiotherapy i..

Interferential Therapy Machine with MS TENS LCD 125 Programs


Interferential Therapy Machine with MS TENS LCD 125 Programs Interferential Therapy Machine with..

LCS 150 Physiotherapy Interferential Therapy Machine 50Prg


Interferential Therapy Tens Digital Unit LCS-150 LCS Combination Therapy (IFT): Interferential ..

Pads For IFT Unit(Set of 4)


Rectangular Rubber Pads or Electrodes For Physiotherapy Interferential Therapy UnitSet contains: 4 p..

SPIRE Pro Interfrential Therapy Unit (IFT + TNS + MS + Russian, 150prg)


Features: Our Premium Brand - Designed by Professionals Light weight (ABS Body) Aesthetic Appeara..

Tapsi Computerised Interferential Therapy Unit


Tapsi Computerized Interferential Therapy UnitFEATURES:§  With Russian current§ ..

Vaccum Cup with Wire (For Electrotherapy)


This set includes: 1pc Vaccum Cup and 1 Pc wireNote:- Products Can be Shipped outside India through ..

Vacuum Therapy Unit For IFT


We are offering a quality range of physio vacuum therapy (I.F.T. with Vacuum) that is used for treat..

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Interferential current therapy is an effective and useful therapy option that is extensively used by many physiotherapy clinics to relieve pain and hurry the self-healing process. The purpose is to get your body back to a healthy, pain-free stage. The high-frequency signals of an IFC pierce through the skin into deeper laying muscle tissues. Of course, special machines like interferential therapy machine (IFT) get used for these procedures. And if you want to know more about these machines or want to explore other types of options; you can check out Medical Bazzar. Our machines would satisfy your needs for sure.

The price of these machines does differ as per their capacity and size. Similarly, since there is so much competition in the field, you can find a lot of fluctuation in the prices. Different companies have their products, and they have their specific rates. The best option would be to check the features and capacities of all the machines on your plate and then pick the one that is effective and within your budget. The ift interferential therapyunit is really crucial, and you cannot take it lightly. You can walk through our different machines, and our rates would surprise you for sure.

If there are options, you should explore. There are good products if you are ready to explore them. The best thing would be to note down the features, and then, find out which one of them has the maximum number of features stored for your usage. Since our machines are extensively used by the professionals for the procedures; they are becoming more in their number.

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