Muscle Stimulator

2 channel tens machine for physiotherapy


2 channel tens machine for physiotherapyModel #: EV-804 The Comfy TENS® featured 5 stimulation modes..

acco Diagnostic Muscel Stimulator(with TENS)


Physiotherapy Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator (with TENS) Muscle Stimulator used for muscle dystr..

acco Digital Mini Muscle Stimulator


acco Digital Mini Muscel Stimulator·         When 220 Volt..

acco Mini Muscel Stimulator (2Ch)


acco Mini Muscel Stimulator (2Ch)This muscle stimulator is used for muscle dystrophy, functional par..

acco Mini Muslce Stimulator Machine Portable


acco Mini Muslce Stimulator Machine Portableacco Mini Muscle Stimulator Machine, a compact design P..

acco Mini Muslce Stimulator Machine Portable - ABS Body


acco Mini Muslce Stimulator Machine Portable - EMS Machineacco Mini Muscle Stimulator Machine, a co..

Advance Muscle Stimulator Machine (G, IG,F,SF)


acco® Advance Muscle Stimulator (G,IG, S,SF) | Muscle Stimulator for Physiotherapy | Physiotherapy S..

Combo of (Tens + Ultrasound) and Mini Muscle Stimulator (Portable)


Usage: acco Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation/ Tens (2 channel) can be used by the p..

Combo of acco Tens Unit (2 Ch) and Mini Muscle Stimulator(Portable)


Acco Tens Unit is the next generation computerized Tens Therapy Unit, designed to suit almost ..

Digital Muscle Stimulator(Diagnostic, with pulse)


Digital Muscle Stimulator(Diagnostic, with pulse)The IC based Diagnostic cum Therapeutic unit, suita..

LCS 164 Physiotherapy Muscle Stimulator Machine


 Physiotherapy Muscle Stimulator MachineDIAGNOSTIC cum THERAPEUTIC MUSCLE STIMULATOR : LCS..

LCS 165 Physiotherapy Muscle Stimulator Machine with Tens BURST AND IONTOPHORESIS


Physiotherapy Muscle Stimulator Machine with TensDIAGNOSTIC and THERAPEUTIC MUSCLE STIMULATOR: ..

MINI Muscle Stimulator (With single channel TENS)


Mini Muscle Stimulator (With Single Channel TENS), A Mini Portable muscle stimualtion unit tha..

Mini Muscle Stimulator Machine (Far, IG, G)


Physiotherapy acco Mini Muscle Stimulator Machine (Faradic, Interrupted Galvanic, Galvanic)When 220 ..

Muscel Stimulator(Diagnostic)(S.Deluxe)


Muscle Stimulator(Diagnostic)(S.Deluxe) The IC based Diagnostic cum Therapeutic unit, suitabl..

Muscle Stimulator Machine (Diagnostic - G, IG,F,SF)


acco® Physiotherapy Muscle Stimulator (G,IG, S,SF) | Muscle Stimulator for Physiotherapy | Physiothe..

Pen Electrode for Muscle Stimulator


Pen electrode used in Muscle Stimulator for giving stimulations at small points. Usage:Clinical..

SPIRE STIM Muscle Stimulator(Diagnostic)


Features-  Our Premium Brand - Designed by Professionals  Light weight (ABS Body)  ..

TENS+EMS Combo Stimulator 


TENS+EMS Combo Stimulator ·        Model #: EV-805 The Comf..

Wires For Muscle Stimulator Mini


Wires of Mini Muscle Stimulator - 2 pcs1 Black1 RedUsage :Hospital , Clinic.  ..

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Electric Muscle stimulator is a procedure in which low-level electrical currents from the device Electronic muscle stimulator are used to stimulate muscles. It forces them to contract to provide effective relief from muscle pain. You can find the best quality electrical muscle stimulator at Medical Bazzar.

If you are discovered with muscle atrophy, then you should think about this product. Actually, it is a symptom characterized by a reduction in muscle mass, and it can also easily occur as an outcome of numerous medical conditions. Electrical muscle stimulation might be used to slow or avert the effects of muscle atrophy. It is done by keeping weakened muscles much active.  You can easily use these tools and machines that can be helpful for your muscle measurements and so on.

It might also interest you that electrical muscle stimulation was discovered to be an effective constituent of physical therapy for aging patients, who developed hip osteoarthritis after complete hip arthroplasty surgery.  Once you have a tool, you can easily do the stimulation part; this electrical muscle stimulation can also reduce the danger of pressure sores in susceptible patients effectively

If you are thinking about Muscle Stimulator Machine Physiotherapy price in India , you need not worry! You would find best rates as per your budget right here at Medical Bazzar. Whether you want Mini Muscle Stimulator, or Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator (With TENS) or Combo offer (Tens + Ultrasound + Mini MuscleStimulator) to save some money, you can find right here. Browse through the extensive variety available and pick the one as per your requirements.

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