T Shoulder Pulley Set (Wall Mounting)

T Shoulder Pulley Set (Wall Mounting)

T Shoulder Pulley Set (Wall Mounting)

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acco T Shoulder Pulley

acco T Shoulder Pulley set is a compact Shoulder Exercise Equipment used for Frozen Shoulder.

The T Pulley is easy to use shoulder exercise equipment for different shoulder exercise in Physiotherapy. It’s a compact model and can be install easily anywhere. This T Shoulder Pulley Exerciser Serves As An Ideal Rehabilitation Aid. It’s Ideal for Exercising in the Privacy of One's Home and Clinics. Make Yourself Fit with this Black Shoulder Pulley. It Comes In T Shape and Is Easy To Use and Helpful For Every Person. Also, It Increases the Range of Motion of Shoulders.


·         Compact Design

·         Easy to install

·         Best in quality

·         Can be used for frozen shoulders

·         Wall mounting model

·         Portable T Frame

·         Easy to Unscrew and take little space to store


How to Use:

Hold pulley handles in both hands, with your elbows straight and thumbs up. Pull down with your unaffected arm to bring affected arm forward and up. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds, and then allow the affected arm to relax back to your side. Attach the pulley to the top of the door.

Package Includes:

T Shaped Metal Rods


Handle 2 Pc

Wheels 2 pc


T Shoulder Pulley can be used for:

·         Frozen Shoulders

·         Shoulder Sprain

·         Shoulder Joint pain

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