Infrared & Ultraviolet Lamps

GNS Portable Infrared Lamp (Handy)


GNS Portable Infrared Lamp (Handy)GNS Infra Red Lamp is used in physiotherapy clinics or departments..

INFRA-RED LAMP (Floor model)


Floor stand model lamp for IR radiation treatments.     Infrared Light Therapy - Infr..

INFRA-RED LAMP (Floor model)


Floor stand model lamp for IR radiation treatments.          ..

INFRA-RED LAMP (Three Bulbs, Floor Model)


Floor stand model lamp for IR Radiation Treatments.SPECIFICATIONS :Infra-Red Bulbs: Three IR Bulbs o..

Portable Infrared Lamp For Pain Relief (Handy)


Infrared Lamp is used in physiotherapy clinics or departments for:Pain ReliefReducing Inflammation a..

Visiono I.R Heat Therapy Lamp


Visiono I.R Heat Therapy LampInfrared Bulb Reported Benefits and Effects : Encourages the regenerati..

Visiono I.R Standing Heat Lamp


Visiono I.R Standing Heat LampLED Rechargeable And Solar Power Camping Lantern Light ,6 LED Solar Ca..

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Physiotherapy is that particular branch of medical science, which is best for treating various types of pains. There are mainly two types of pains- persistent and temporary that can be treated with the help of physiotherapy. Exercises are a major part of this science. Various types of heat and cold treatments are also used for the best results. One such treatment which involves the use of heat energy is with the use of Infrared Ultraviolet Lamps.

Ultraviolet infrared rays are emitted from these lamps in controlled frequencies so that they reach the affected area of the patient. These rays are extremely helpful when it comes to treating pains of any kind right from joint pains to tissue injuries.

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