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Rehabilitation Products

acco Philadelphia collar Sale

acco Philadelphia collar


Features:. Is an advanced collar with scientific design which ensure complete immobilization on one ..

acco Pouch Arm Sling Sale

acco Pouch Arm Sling


Features: • Adjustable sling with a protective pouch to replace the conventional sling • Made from d..

acco Shoulder Immobilizer Sale

acco Shoulder Immobilizer


Features:Fits right or left arm. Made from durable cotton fabric/foam infused fabric and nylon strap..

acco Soft Cervical Collar Sale

acco Soft Cervical Collar


Features: • Made of high density PU foam providing comfortable support, proper fitting and better li..

acco Tennis Elbow Support (Universal) Sale

acco Tennis Elbow Support (Universal)


Features:.Tennis Elbow Support is designed to help provide relef from generalized pain and tendernes..

acco Toe Spreader Sale

acco Toe Spreader


Gel TOE SEPARATOR (Set of 2)Technical Specification1.Best use to treat the Hallux Val Gus (Bunion To..

acco Tubular Ankle Support Sale

acco Tubular Ankle Support


Features: • Made of superior quality cotton & rubber yarn. • Specially designed to give mild sup..

acco Walking Stick Folding Type Sale

acco Walking Stick Folding Type


Walking Stick Folding TypeWalking Stick made of aluminium ,foldable and height adjustable.Note:- Pro..

accoTubular Knee Cap/Support Sale

accoTubular Knee Cap/Support


AccoTubular Knee Cap/SupportFeatures:Anatomically designed to give maximum relief to patientsMade of..

Aptonia LP Adult Elbow Wrap Sale

Aptonia LP Adult Elbow Wrap


Size: Hook and loop closure design fits most elbow sizes, provides comfortable compression for weak ..

Aptonia LP Shoulder Support Sale

Aptonia LP Shoulder Support


Technical: The style and design make it stand out in the product range for an accessory that can be ..

Back Support (Back Rest) (Half) Back Support (Back Rest) (Half) Sale

Back Support (Back Rest) (Half)


Backrest Cushion Support for Car Seat and Office Chair ; Compact Lower Back Lumbar Support CushionSu..

Beckcem Moisturizing Gel Socks Beckcem Moisturizing Gel Socks Sale

Beckcem Moisturizing Gel Socks


Gel Cushion Lining Moisturizing Protects Dry, Cracked Feet. Comfortable & Strechable..

Cervical Orthopedic Pillow Sale

Cervical Orthopedic Pillow


Cervical Orthopedic PillowFeatures: Best Scientific design Comfertable, Soft and cushiony Plush look..

Cushion for Back Comfort Cushion for Back Comfort Sale

Cushion for Back Comfort


The Comfort'a'Back is an inflatable cushion which, thanks to its specially shaped form, allows to ta..



this is not for sale ( a test product not a real one ) ..

Egg Shaped Hand Exerciser(Set of 4) Sale

Egg Shaped Hand Exerciser(Set of 4)


This egg shape is use for hand & finger exericse it come to four different colour . Pink, Orange..

Egg Shaped Hand Exerciser-Green(Medium) Sale

Egg Shaped Hand Exerciser-Green(Medium)


This egg shape is use for hand & finger exericse it come to four different colour . Pink, Orange..

Egg Shaped Hand Exerciser-Orange(Firm) Sale

Egg Shaped Hand Exerciser-Orange(Firm)


This egg shape is use for hand & finger exericse it come to four different colour . Pink, Orange..

Egg Shaped Hand Exerciser-Pink(X-Soft) Sale

Egg Shaped Hand Exerciser-Pink(X-Soft)


This egg shape is use for hand & finger exericse it come to four different colour . Pink, Orange..

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Let Your Body Heal Better with Our Rehabilitation Products

Rehabilitation Equipmentsplay a great role in treating different kinds of injury. The right product is required to keep the area safe until it gets an optimum level of strength. Without the right equipment, the healing process gets much riskier and slow. Hence, Medical Bazzar provides all kinds of Rehabilitation Productsin order to help the patients to heal better and quick.

All kinds of Rehabilitation Exercise Equipments Online

We are an online platform offering all kinds of products and equipment for the rehabilitation of different body parts of injured. We have different kinds of belts and braces to support your back and hand after an injury. Adding to that, you can also get find products for cervical aids, fracture aids, knee, and ankle support. Plus, there is are lists of products offering wrist and forearm support, back support, mobility supporters and medical footwear. Along with all these, we also have Gel cushions and Hand exercise products for our customers.

The range of the devices and items are so wide that you won’t need to look at any other place for your needs. You can easily buy medical rehab equipment here at affordable prices. The lists of products are given with all deals that we have to offer you. You can go through this list and pick the suitable products for your needs.

Want to know more!

If there is any issue and you want to know more about any particular product, then call us! We are always there for you.