SandPuppy Knee Strap

SandPuppy Knee Strap

SandPuppy Knee Strap

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SandPuppy Knee Strap

SandPuppy Kneestrap – Electric heating strap for relief from Knee Pain.An active lifestyle can frequently lead to injuries on the joints.

Whether you are running, gym’ing or playing a sport, joints like the elbow, wrist, knee or ankle bear the most brunt, often leading to an annoying and discomforting pain.

For senior citizens, especially women, knee pain is a daily reality and is experienced as excruciating pain in the mornings and after periods of inactivity.

As advised by doctors and physiotherapists, Heat application for 20-40 min relaxes muscles, warms up and lubricates joints before activity and even eases muscle spasms.

Heat therapy is non-invasive and non-chemical, making it absolutely safe for everyone.

Introducing the SandPuppy Kneestrap, an ideal electric knee pain relief product.

Just strap it on your knee pain area, plug in the adaptor and let the soothing comfort of heat relax you.

SandPuppy Kneestrap is made with an advanced carbon fibre heating material, is wrapped in soft scuba fabric to fit snugly on knee joints.

It emits Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) heat that not only warms the top layer of the body but can also penetrate up to 5 cm deep into the body making it far superior to other heating solutions.

Suitable for all sizes of knee joints. SandPuppy Kneestrap is designed with a DC adaptor to make it safer to use than conventional and cheaper heating pads.

The SandPuppy Kneestrap wraps like skin around your knee joint unlike most heating pads and provides a deep and penetrative heat.

It is lightweight, safe and easy to use heating pad that provides quick relief.

Adjustable heat level with easy, intuitive usage suitable for even senior citizens.

Far InfraRed Radiation (FIR) based heat.Ideal for comfort and relief from chronic pain, deep penetrative heat.

1 year manufacturer warranty

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