Slim Patch

Slim Patch

Slim Patch

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Slim Patch (Pack Of 10 Patches)

Product Description :Slimming patch helps eliminating fat and toxic in the body while tightening ones skin.The natural herb can quickly pass through the skin into the human circulation system through navel area. The patch is extracted from natural herbs, it does not trigger diarrhea.The slim-affecting rate of using patch is higher than taking pills because it bypasses the digestive system, the liver and the kidney. Simply stick the slim patch onto the navel area and complete a treatment term and you will find how effective it is. Filled with all natural ingredients

SLIM PATCH has been proven to be a highly effective way to lose weight. It works with bodies own ENDOCRINE system, which includes the glands that control the bodies metabolic rate, by increasing this rate the body burns up the fats, carbs and sugar that cause excess weight.SLIM PATCH also actively blocks the uptake of further fats, increases blood circulation and removes the toxins that toxins that have built up in the body.

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